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IamLegendBeatz Studio was established in 2006. We provide all types of audio services. Production, audio mixing and mastering, voice over, and audio restoration. We offer Quality Service at an afforable price. Let us bring your next project to life.


State-of-the-Art Equipment

Professional Engineers

Mixing And Mastering Available

FireFace 800

Loaded with four pristine preamps, 60 channels of killer low-latency I/O, powerful DSP mixing, and an amazing remote control, the RME Fireface 800 hybrid FireWire audio interface is the perfect cornerstone for your studio. Between its ultra-clear microphone preamps, integrated instruments inputs, balanced signal paths, and reference-class converters, the Fireface 800 lets you capture any sound source in exquisite detail. A full complement of digital I/O makes integration with the rest of your studio gear easy too. Speaking of easy, the Fireface 802 is fully compatible with RME's Advanced Remote Control (optional), so can get full desktop access to its latency-free, DSP-driven monitoring and effects. 




Pro Tools HD (coming Soon)

Avid's Pro Tools|HD Native systems take full advantage of today's high-power computers by offering you the top features of Pro Tools HD (minus the DSP-accelerated plug-ins) at an incredible low price. On the strictly hardware side, your Pro Tools|HD Native Thunderbolt gives you blazing fast I/O, near-zero latency, automatic delay compensation, and full integration with Avid's HD line of interfaces, leaving your CPU to handle plug-ins and mixing. If you're budget-minded but you still demand results from your DAW; have a high-power computer with Thunderbolt connectivity; and prefer to track with outboard signal processors (rather than plug-ins); then Pro Tools|HD Native is perfect for you.


Avid Artist Mix

The Avid Artist Mix control surface puts eight motorized faders and an array of programmable buttons and knobs at your command for maximum control over your DAW in a small footprint. Avid put some of the coolest features from its impressive full-sized consoles into the Artist Mix, including touch-sensitive, responsive faders and multi-function rotary encoders. This well-designed box is ultra-functional, while sporting a decidedly uncluttered appearance. Now you can get the most out of your DAW with the compact, versatile Artist Mix! 

The Artist Mix's rotary encoders give you direct control over everything from panning and gain, to editing your most powerful plug-ins and EQ. These knobs and keys can also be pressed to select/deselect and navigate through parameters. Knob set selector keys allow you to quickly assign the rotary encoders to control plug-ins, EQs, panning, signal routing, and much more. You can either control the same parameter across all tracks, or assign all knobs to one track for easy editing of multiple parameters at once.

High-quality ALPS 100mm long throw faders offer accurate and smooth mixing; touching a fader will automatically select the corresponding track. Avid consoles are renowned for their quality components and smooth operation, and now the Artist Mix gives you that "feel" in an affordable, compact unit!

High-resolution 128 x 64 pixel OLED display provides track name/number, detailed metering (from mono to 5.1 surround data), parameter name/value currently being modified by its corresponding rotary encoder, current automation mode, and more.

The MC Control and Artist Mix feature EuCon, a high-speed control protocol developed by Avid that enables simultaneous control of multiple applications and even workstations over an Ethernet cable at 250 times the speed and eight times the resolution of MIDI. EuCon automatically detects whatever application is in the foreground and instantly sets the high-resolution touchscreen and displays, and motorized faders and arsenal of controls to match.


Avid Artist Control

The Avid Artist Control v2 control surface combines the functionality of motorized faders, programmable knobs and buttons, and an incredible customizable touchscreen interface for maximum control over your DAW. Designed as a compact "nerve center" for your studio, the Artist Control v2 fits between your keyboard and computer monitor. Its high-resolution touchscreen lets you easily access and set up functions, while four touch-sensitive motorized faders, 12 Smart Keys, and eight programmable rotary encoders make the Artist Control v2 a powerful, flexible DAW controller!




Neumann TLM 103

The Neumann TLM 103 large-diaphragm cardioid condenser mic boasts a capsule drawn from the U 87 and transformerless circuitry - not to mention classic Neumann sound! The TLM 103 is a great mic for any pro or project studio use and, due to its minimal self-noise, it's been used for classical recordings with a wide dynamic range, sampling (especially for very low amplitude sources), and Foley work. This mic is also robust enough for the live stage, as Jack White has employed the TLM 103 to mic amps in live situations.

Avalon VT-737sp

The VT-737sp brings its magic touch to everything in your studio. Run your dullest, most sterile mic through the VT-737sp and you'll be amazed at how warm and sweet it sounds. This 2-rackspace combo brings a new standard to high-end audio, taking your sound to places you never thought possible and giving you precise creative control. The VT-737 will energize your recordings!




The JBL LSR4300 Series is the first professional studio monitors with computer connectivity, networking, and automatic room compensation. And thanks to the automatic room compensation of the LSR4300 series, any room - even an untreated one - can be a good mix environment. JBL has made acquiring these monitors easy with the introduction of the LSR4328P Pak!

Steinberg Cubase Pro 8

Steinberg Cubase Pro 8 DAW software has the tools that inspire the engineer and the artist in everyone. Whether it's mixing a session or writing your next song, you need a DAW that is a powerful extension of your creativity. If you're a beginner or a professional, you'll find the improved workflow in Cubase Pro 8 to be more intuitive than ever before. Thousands of Sweetwater customers have made Cubase the heart of their creative and recording processes, and they know that with Cubase Pro 8 as your DAW that taking your music to the next level is easy.





Pro Tools 11 (coming soon)

The fastest, most streamlined DAW just got faster! Armed with a redesigned 64-bit architecture and a highly enhanced audio engine, Pro Tools 11 gives you the processing muscle your need to work with extremely large, complex, and technically demanding sessions. Tap into more CPU power and more RAM to host more plug-ins and handle more tracks than ever before. Features such as faster-than-realtime bounce and improved key commands turbocharge your workflow, whereas advanced metering modes and a unified media engine allow you to handle professional-scale projects of any caliber. From music recording to media post — Pro Tools 11 redefines the limits of audio production.

Motif XF 8

Yamaha pulled out the stops with the MOTIF XF8, giving you an unbelievably feature-packed instrument for music performance and music production. This powerful workstation features an extraordinary collection of voices for you to get creative with. The Yamaha MOTIF XF8 offers everything from acoustic sounds to vintage synths to modern tones for hip-hop production. And with the new OS, complete with tap tempo, automapping, and a customizable user interface, the MOTIF XF8 is more powerful yet easier to use than ever.




Native Instruments Maschine

Native Instruments Maschine combines the power and convenience of computer-based production with the hands-on workflow you get from a hardware groove box! Now loaded with over 8GB of killer sample content, plus four Native Instruments Komplete instruments, Maschine lets you unleash your creativity like never before! It works as both an instrument and a controller, giving you 16 multicolor pads, 9 rotary encoders, and 47 buttons. You can build songs intuitively by layering, sample and re-sample in concert with your computer, and thanks to all new workflow and DAW integration, Maschine is the ultimate groove production plug-in too!

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